Emissus Faber Limited is incorporated under
the Comp. Law Cap. 113 as a Limited Liability Company.

Registered Office:Kleomenous 1, Akritas Tower, 6th floor,
off. 603, 1060 Nicosia, Cyprus

Company Number:HE 338010 Registrar of Companies
VAT Number:CY10338010D
Shareholder:Kevin Chamberlain, Maria Patsalidou,
Zimmel Consulting und Beteiligungs GmbH

Company Secretary:Maria Patsalidou

Directors:Maria Patsalidou, Kevin Chamberlain
In terms of trade law:Mario Friedl

General Manager:John Yiannakis Patsalides
Finance Manager:Peter Voraberger

Bank details:
IBAN:SK75 0900 0000 0050 7772 7008